Having trouble registering, setting a password or signing-in? Try these tips

As a patient at Clinic 158 you can rest assured knowing your personal data is safe and secure in our hands. Registering or signing-in requires a valid email address and password, so if you're having issues doing this, try working through these tips before contacting us for support.

Registration step 1 — verification

Verifying your email is arguably the most important step you will need to make; it proves you are a real person with a verified email address. We need a real email address to contact you about your consultations and medicines going forward.

Enter your email address to register and we will send a verification link to your inbox. You must click this link to prove your email address is real before proceeding - this is the first step in proving who you are.

The link will be active for 24 hours.

No verification email?

If a verification from Clinic 158 does not arrive within a few minutes (at most) you may have entered your email address incorrectly (it happens a lot!). To check if you did make a mistake, try registering again (double checking your email address) and the response will let you know. Either:

  • a success message telling you to check your inbox (this mean you entered the wrong email the first time)
  • a failure message, saying you are already registered

Essentially, until you verifiy your email address you will be unable to sign-in. Check your junk folder for our email in case it went in there. If you missed the original verification email from Clinic 158, you can request a new one by "resetting your password".

You haven't set a password yet

If you haven't set a password yet, just go to the Password Reset page and enter the same email address you registered with previously (don't worry if you haven't set a password yet, this "reset" form simply generates a new verification link for you) and wait for the verification email to arrive from Clinic 158. Remember, you have 24 hours to click the verification link in the email we send you before it expires.

Expired links

If you are unable to verify your email address in the first 24 hours or you click an expired verification link, you will be asked to "reset" your password, even if you haven't set one yet. Here's the Password Reset page.

Resetting your password

When you reset your password, we generate a unique, time-sensitive link and email it to you. Please note, it may take a few minutes to arrive, so please hold off retrying until you're quite sure it's not coming. If you re-submit the password reset form multiple times you'll most likely end up with a flurry of emails from us, which will quickly become confusing and frustrating.

You received lots of reset password emails?

Sometimes emails can take a few minutes to work their way around the internet. If you ran out of patience and submitted the password reset form too many times, you may end up receiving a string of emails, each with their own unique link.

Each verification link is unique to you and the time you registered or reset your password. Importantly: each time you generate a new link, it overwrites the last one. So if you do receive a wash of verification emails from us, always choose the most recent one delivered because all earlier links are automatically invalidated with subsequent requests. And clicking an invalid link means you will need to reset your password again. All this in the name of security!

Setting a password

If you manage to click a valid verification link, we will show you a password field. Passwords must be 10 characters or more. The longer the password, the harder it is for someone to guess it and break into your Clinic 158 account.

Registration steps 2-8 — be prepared

After verifying your email address, the main registration steps are handled one at a time. Although we recommend that you begin with all the data you need, you may log out and sign-in as necessary, until you are satisfied that you have provided everything we need to process your details. Here's the steps you will be guided through:

  • Reason for registration (your chosen consultation type, along with additional information on your reason for registration)
  • Personal Details (your name, date-of-birth and telephone number)
  • Address (your full postal address)
  • Medical (your height and weight, current medicines and medical history)
  • Doctor (your doctor's name and the address of their medical practise)
  • Supporting Documents (including photographic ID, e.g. driving licence, passport, bus pass, formal ID cards and official GP or consultant letter with confirmation of diagnosis)
  • Consent (declare that you agree to our terms and us accessing your personal data)

Uploading supporting documents

When you register, and later within your account, you may upload documents in support of your patient profile. You may upload 20 files simultaneously but please note that:

  • The maximum file size of any individual file should be no larger than 100 MB
  • The maximum size of all files combined should not exceed 100 MB

Permitted file type are:

  • Text, (generally ASCII or ISO 8859-n)
  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  • Microsoft Word (OpenXML)
  • Microsoft Word
  • Comma-separated values (CSV)
  • OpenDocument spreadsheet document
  • OpenDocument text document
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Zipped File (RAR)
  • Zipped File (ZIP)
  • Microsoft Excel (OpenXML)

 When you select files to upload we will validate them before uploading, to ensure that they meet the above stipulations.

Still no luck?

If you've been through all of the above and still can't sign-in, drop us a note and we'll help you out.

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