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About Us | Clinic 158

Welcome to Clinic 158, a private medical facility situated in the heart of Glasgow's West End. We provide a diverse range of specialist medical and cosmetic services, appointments for which are available at short notice or as a home visit.

Call Out Services

Expert patient care is a priority at Clinic 158 so we offer a call-out service to patients and businesses that cannot make it to our practice. This is a premium service that allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home.

Contact us at Clinic 158

Our customer support team are available at all times of day to answer your calls and help with any questions you may have.

Clinic 158 | Private General Medical Practice in Glasgow

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Map of Clinic 158 location

Clinic 158 is situated in the heart of Glasgow's West End. Find us on a map here.

Premium Healthcare Packages

We have three Premium Healthcare Packages, each give you an insight into your current health and any future health risks.

Services | Private General Medical Practice in Glasgow

A list of all Services in alphabetical order.

Terms & Conditions | Clinic 158

Welcome to our website. These are our Terms and Conditions.

Out-of-hours Doctor in Glasgow

Your General Practitioner is your first port of call when you feel you need medical attention, and when travelling we feel this should be no different.