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Cancer Predictive Testing

One of the biggest medical concerns in life is cancer. With a Cancer Predictive Test we test for tumour markers that determine whether or not you are likely to one day contract certain strains of cancer.

Currently there are over 20 tumour markers that can be tested. With this test we can help you make an informed choice about the future of your health. 

Early warning signs ensure fast onward referral to a specalist. Our experienced medical team offers professional advice and preventative measures regarding any lifestyle changes that are likely to reduce your risk of developing cancer in later years.

Tests for one or numerous forms of cancer can be carried out in a one hour appointment, with any required referrals made instantaneously and any further tests speedily carried out. We can also arrange any Ultrasound, CT or MRI scans for full reassurance.

Women from £1400  

Men under 40 from £1100 

Men over 40 from £1500 


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